Surtex 2018

Surtex is happing right now in New York! I love the energy and creativity I always see at the show whenever I'm able to go. I didn't make it this year, but you can check out my new work at Lilla Rogers Studio booth if you're attending.

Ready for Spring

I remember once visiting California in January and being floored it looked like spring with the trees full of blossoms and greenery everywhere. Home was full of snow and below zero weather. So unfair. I think the perfect place would be spring and fall year round, with a week or two of snow around Christmas just for a little ambiance. If anyone knows where that is, let me know.

Just a little design experiment to celebrate the beautiful spring weather!

New Year, New Art

New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken. At least that’s what I tell myself. I’m pretty sure one of my resolutions for 2016 was blog more and I didn’t post once. Not. One. Single. Time. But it was a crazy and exciting year, so I’m letting myself off the hook and am ready for 2017!

The end of last year was a good one. Lot’s of time with family and friends, holidays, etc. One thing I got to do create work for Lilla Rogers Studio Art Menagerie, which showcased new work from the Studio’s artists at the beginning of the year. It was fun to be a part of and it’s always so fun to go crazy and create something new!

Here’s to a new year and more blog posts! (Disclaimer, this may be one of those broken resolutions mentioned before - so let’s not get our hopes up too much.) :)